Tour Tweaks: Gaby Lopez Iron Fitting (Three Key Takeaways)

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Gaby Lopez is an accomplished LPGA playing professional that recently stopped in at True Spec to get a complete iron fitting done. Although Gaby hits her current Titlaiest T100 irons quite well, she understands the importance of trying out new golf clubs and getting a specific fit for her game. There are some important takeaways that any golfer can take from their golf fitting. Let’s take a look at what we learned from the Gaby Lopez iron fitting. 


Brand Agnostic Is Essential For A Great Golf Fitting 

One of the things that you will notice throughout the Gaby Lopez iron fitting is that she keeps circling back to different golf brands. It is clear that the Callaway TCB irons are the best fit for her game, but in her mind, she only wants to swing the Titleist or even the Mizuno irons. 


The interesting thing about this is that players are very likely to become brand loyal even at the expense of their golf game. This is what makes a brand agnostic club fitting so essential. With True Spec Golf, you will be exposed to many different brands, and the fitter will never push one over another. 


As great as some of these irons felt for Gaby, the one that consistently showed the best results was the Callaway. This does not mean that Callaway will be the best for your game. Instead, ensure that you keep an open mind about brands so that your True Spec master fitter can properly expose you to the range of equipment on the market. 

The Launch Monitors Don’t Lie 

When a golf iron shot feels excellent, we all assume that the launch, carry, spin, and more were perfect. However, this is not always the case. Launch monitors do not have any bias to them. These are scientific machines that give you pure facts. 


Although we should combine feel and performance in all of our golf equipment decisions, these launch monitors give you the cold hard facts about your game. As you noticed, there were a few times that Gaby said she hit the shot perfectly, yet the launch angle and spin were not all that good. 


The end result is a shot that won’t be as consistent as she needs to play and compete on tour. 


Testing and Analyzing Equipment Often Is Critical 

Another key takeaway for amateur golfers is that Gaby Lopez was happy with how she was hitting her irons when she went in for a fitting. She essentially said she needed a little more spin, but outside of that, she liked what she could do with these clubs. 


The lesson here is that you don’t need to wait until you can’t hit your golf clubs, or they get so old that the grooves are worn down. Go for a golf fitting each year and see what is out there and how it compares to what you have. 

You don’t always need to upgrade your golf clubs, especially if the differences in distance, forgiveness, and ball speed are minimal. However, if you happen to have great success with something new on the market, it may be a chance to improve your golf game. 



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