What To Expect From A Beginner Golf Fitting?

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Golf fittings are not something that everyone has experience in. Beginners are new to the sport and have likely never had a chance to go for a golf fitting. Don’t let your lack of knowledge about these fittings scare you away. Let’s look at everything you can expect from a beginner golf fitting. The fact that you signed up for a golf fitting is a great step; now, it’s essential to ensure you get the most out of it. 

Beginner Golf Fitting: The Process

A beginner golf fitting can be sued to test out and try new equipment or to see if the equipment you have in place is a good match for your game. Beginner golf fittings typically require you to hit some golf balls while a launch monitor records some data about your golf swing. 


Once this data is recorded, a True Spec master fitting professional will analyze this information. The results will be combined to develop some suggestions that could work for your golf game. 


At this point, you will get a chance to try this new equipment and see the differences it will have for your golf game. The process is simple, and in the end, you can decide if you want to invest in new clubs or keep your current equipment. 

How To Prepare For A Beginner Golf Fitting? 

Before a beginner golf fitting, make sure that you do not play a round of golf or spend hours warming up on the range. You may hit a good amount of golf balls during a golf fitting. If you are tired from playing and practicing too much, your results may be skewed. 


Instead, arrive for your golf fitting a few minutes early and hit some golf shots before the start of your session. You should be pretty warmed up after hitting about twenty balls or so. Always make sure you stretch anytime you are swinging a golf club. 

What To Do With The Results of A Beginner Golf Fitting 

The results of a True Spec beginner golf fitting will be very easy to understand. You will know exactly what was recommended and why this equipment should be the best fit for your game. 

As a beginner golfer, you can then take your new knowledge and invest in golf equipment or simply stick with what you already have in place. Beginners that go for a golf fitting will get quite an education on their strengths and weaknesses as a player. 


The more you can understand the game of golf, the equipment, and your own personal golf swing, the easier it will be to become a great player. 


Are Beginner Golf Fittings Worth It?

A beginner golf fitting is very much worth the price that you will pay. Beginner golf fittings allow you to get started in the game the right way. There is no need to struggle with equipment that is not properly fitted or designed for your body type and skill level. Let a True Spe master fitting professional properly equip you for your career in golf.

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