Why Distance Gapping Is A Must For All Golfers?

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Some of the most professional and trusted golf fitting locations, like True Spec golf, have started offering golf club fittings specifically designed for distance gapping. At a distance gapping club fitting, you will hit each club and get an average distance for every shot you hit. The information revealed during a golf club distance gapping fitting can be eye-opening. Sometimes it takes an experience like this to change the way you view your golf equipment. Let’s take a look at why distance gapping is a must for all golfers. 


Why Distance Gapping Is A Must For All Golfers? 


There are three reasons why distance gapping is a must for all golfers. The first reason is that most golfers have no idea how far they truly hit each of their clubs. In addition, many players have several clubs that go the same distance. With room for just 14 clubs in our bag, it is essential to maximize on all of these spots in the golf bag. 

How Far Does Each Club Go 

Have you ever stopped to consider how far your golf clubs go? Most amateur golfers think they know how far their golf clubs go, but they really have no idea. When you narrow in your distance gapping, you will get more accurate measurements of how far you are hitting each golf club. 


There are so many distance measuring devices on the market. Players can get an exact number to any pin location, yet most don’t know how far they are hitting their own golf clubs. 


Sometimes you will find a 20 yard or more gap between two of the clubs in your bag. This is where it calls for an additional club to be added. 

Clubs With The Exact Same Distances

If your four hybrid travels 180 yards and your four iron travels 178 yards, is it worth having both in the bag?  Most players find that they have several clubs that will overlap in the distance. This creates issues with the ability to attack pins and get the ball close. 


Clubs with the exact same distance technology should come out of the bag. Having two clubs that fly 180 yards will not help you nearly as much as having a club that flies 180 and one that flies 190. 


This applies regardless of your handicap. High handicap and low handicap golfers need to have a variety of distances in their bags to shoot low scores. 

Filling All 14 Spots In The Bag 

If three of your golf clubs all go the same distance, does it make sense to have all three in your golf bag? Although there are situations where a hybrid and a fairway wood can differ in performance, it is essential to have golf clubs that travel various distances. 


So many golfers get hung up on the fact that all 14 spots in the golf bag need to be filled. This is just not the case. The rule in golf says that you cannot have more than 14 golf clubs in the bag; however, you can always have 10, 11, or 12 if that is a better fit for your game. 


Don’t be pressured to carry golf clubs that are not performing in a variety of ways; only carry the clubs you need.



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