Height vs. Club Length

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One of the most important fitting factors that golfers have to deal with is the length of the golf club. If a golf club’s length is not ideal, making solid contact with a ball can be difficult. Players need to consider their height vs. club length. Plenty of charts and guides will give you an exact club length based on height, but this is not always accurate. Height is not the only factor to indicate the proper club length of your golf set. Let’s take a look at the factors that are going to impact the club length you choose. 


Why Is Height Not Always Accurate When Determining Club Length? 

Although two golfers can both be 5’10” tall, one may play with clubs that are a ½ inch short, and the other may play with a club that is ½ inch long. The player’s arm length, posture, swing speed, and playing ability may all come into the formula when looking at the club length. 


This is one of the main reasons that a golf club fitting at a True Spec location is so important. This fitting is not a simple measurement of your height. 

Golf Club Fitting Factors That Impact Length of Club 

Now that you know, your height is not the only measurement that will impact the proper length of your golf club. 

Arm Length 

Golfers with shorter arms may need longer golf clubs. If your arms are too short of reaching a standard-length golf club, the club will need to come to you. An average-height golfer with shorter arms may play with a club up to an inch long and find that it produces more consistent golf shots. 


Although most players will try to achieve a general range of proper posture when they play, some golfers are more upright than others. If you find that you are a player that likes to stand up a bit taller when you swing, the taller golf clubs could be a better choice. 


Some players like to decrease their spine angle more when they play and feel closer to the ground for stability. These players may need shorter golf clubs. 


Swing Speed 

To hit a golf shot well, you will need a certain amount of clubhead speed. Faster swing speed players can get more distance by playing with a long golf club. However, slower swing speed players sometimes need a shorter club to hit the ball solidly. 

Playing Ability 

A golfer’s handicap can sometimes impact the golf club length that they should be playing with. Highly skilled players occasionally use a longer club to help change the ball flight and get extra distance. 


Even if it is not an exact fit for the game, golfers who are better players can typically make a golf club work. The higher handicap player needs equipment better suited to their specific game. 



When making decisions about the best golf clubs for your game. Make sure to think more about who you are as a golfer than simply how tall you are. Different body types must be considered when choosing a golf club. 


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