Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue Wood Shaft

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The Mitsubishi shafts are one of the most popular options in the True Spec fitting matric. One of the things that really help Mitsubishi stand out is that they make golf shafts for any player in the game. One of the more recent changes that Mitsubishi has made to the lineup deal with spin and launch conditions. Here is what you should know about the Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue Wood Shaft ahead of your next True Spec golf fitting. 


Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue Wood Shaft Fitting Features and Benefits


The first thing that stands out about the Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue is the low torque nature of the shaft. If you struggle with feel in your hands and need that extra control that only a high-quality shaft can provide, the Kai’li Blue could be for you. 


Stable and Smooth 


Golf shaft manufacturers tend to make statements and claims about each golf shaft that they bring to the market. With the Kai’li Blue, Mitusibishi states that this is the most stable and smoothest shaft they have ever produced. It’s hard not to want those characteristics in a golf shaft. 


Shaft Options 

The weight and flex options for the Kai’li Blue range from the Kai’li Blue 50 in a regular flex for the slower swing speed players to a Kai’Li Blue 80 in a TX flex for the fastest swing speed players. As of right now, there are no senior or women’s profiles in the Kai’Li Blue. 


Since this is a wood shaft, you can purchase something to accommodate your fairway woods and your driver. 


Reinforced Tip 

The new Kai’li Blue has an MR 70 reinforced tip. The tip only helps further ensure a smoother feel when making any transition in your swing. If you have a hard time transitioning from backswing to downswing or downswing to impact, the reinforced tip puts you back in control. 


Mid Launch and Spin 

With so many low spin and low launch shafts coming to the market in the last few years, golfers that need a bit of extra launch or spin have had a hard time finding the right fit. The Kai’Li blue offers both a mid launch and mid spin. 


Another option that golfers now have is a combination of shafts from Mitsubishi to accommodate different spin rates and launch. For instance, if your 3 wood spins a bit too much and you want low spin, but your driver needs a mid spin shaft, you can stay within the Mitsubishi line. For consistency in feel, this is a smart choice for many golfers. 



The Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue Wood shaft is now available in the True Spec matrix at all of our locations. This shaft can be paired with any clubhead on the market and tested with the top launch monitors in the game. Mitsubishi has put a great deal of time and effort into the shafts that they bring to market. If you want to test what they can do for your game, reach out to your local True Spec to schedule your fitting.

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