Does A Lower Lofted Driver Go Further?

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There is a misconception in the game of golf that a lower lofted drive is going to travel considerably further than a high lofted drive. This concept is brought about by golfers who think that lower shot rolls further. However, you will still need to get a certain height on your golf shot for it to travel far. Let’s take a look at whether or not a lower lofted driver will go further and the loft that you should play with for your game. 


Does A Lower Lofted Driver Go Further?

A lower lofted driver can go further for a golfer that hits the ball as part of their upswing. Golfers that hit down on the golf ball will need a higher lofted driver to see the proper distance from their shots. 


Some golfers think that if they hit the ball high, they are actually losing distance. Of course, if you pop the shot up a bit or are hitting the ball on your upswing, then the lower loft is helpful, but this can all be determined by measuring the angle of attack. 


What Is Angle Of Attack? 

At True Spec golf, one of the most important parameters that we measure is the angle of attack. The angle of the attack shows how you approach the ball and the impact it will have on the loft and the launch angle of the shot you hit. 


With a driver, we want to be hitting a little bit up on the ball to be getting the best distance and spin. However, not all players are capable of this. 


The good news is that with modern fitting equipment, it is easy to see what needs to be done with the golf equipment to accommodate your natural angle of attack. 


Angle Of Attack Impact on Driver Distance 

If your angle of attack is a bit steeper and you are hitting down on the driver, a lower lofted driver will create a shot that flies too low and loses distance. To fix this, the driver loft can be adjusted a degree or two to see a much better ball flight. 


For golfers with a more shallow angle of attack, those who hit their drives on the upswing, a lower lofted driver will help to control overall ball flight and ensure that the ball does not end up launching too high. 


Should I Use A Lower Lofted Driver or A High Lofted Driver 

The best way to determine if you need a lower lofted or higher lofted driver is to go for a golf fitting at True Spec. Your golf fitting will help you learn about your swing, the angle of attack as you approach the ball, and what your best loft setting is on your driver. 


Most golfers have a loft setting on their club that could help them get a few more yards. However, to know the perfect loft to set your club, you must understand the launch angle and see how that impacts total distance and spin on the golf shot. 


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