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Am I Good Enough For A Golf Fitting?

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A golf fitting is something that many amateurs believe is for the lowest handicapped golfers in the game. However, we are here to tell you that is absolutely not the case. There are a few ways to tell if you are good enough for a golf club fitting, and each should be carefully considered before you book your session. 


Have Goals In Golf 

Have you started to set goals for your golf game yet? If you have, you are most certainly ready for a golf fitting. One of the first questions your True Spec master fitting professional will ask is to explain and share your goals for your golf game. 


Having a goal means you care about your scoring, your ability, and what you are capable of on the golf course. These goals can always be adjusted and worked on, but they essentially mean you care. 


You Are Feeling The Difference Between Two Clubs

Can you tell the difference between when you are using your driver or your friend’s driver? What about a wedge? If you have gotten to the point in your game where you can feel the difference between equipment, then you are most certainly ready for a golf club fitting. 


Player feel is a big indicator as to whether or not a golf club is going to be a good fit for your game. In fact, most golfers will find a club that hits the ball a long way or has plenty of forgiveness, but in the end, they choose the golf club with the best overall feel. 


Frustrated When A Shot Is Missed  

Do you genuinely play golf to have fun, or do you get annoyed and disappointed with yourself when you hit a bad shot. If you are starting to feel frustrated by your golf game and unable to play the shots you want, you may need to think about a golf fitting. 


A good portion of why you are frustrated could have to do with your equipment and it not being the proper fit for your game. Luckily, a True Spec golf fitting can help you fit this. We won’t tell you that equipment is the fix for all things; however, it can make a significant difference when trying to play to your full potential. 


Have Never Been Fitted Before 

If you have never been fitted for a golf club before, chances are there are some issues with your current set and its compatibility with your swing. Many beginners and first-time golfers go for a golf fitting to ensure they give themselves the best chance of success. 


Remember that you don’t need to purchase a new set of golf clubs each time you go for a golf fitting. Sometimes the concept is simply to learn more about your swing and what works and doesn’t. 


Many times a golf club fitting could result in small tweaks made to a club or the addition of a wedge or hybrid. 


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