How To Determine Your Ideal Set Makeup

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For so many years, golfers chose the clubs they played with based on personal preferences and what they thought they hit the best. With modern golf technology, this is not necessary. Golfers can play with clubs that are specifically built for them, and they will be able to see that with the launch monitors that we have on the market. At True Spec Golf, our master fitting professionals can help you determine your ideal set makeup using three key parameters, ball speed, launch, and spin rate.


Ball Speed

The ball speed is how fast the ball travels after impact. Golfers that are getting high levels of ball speed will get more distance. However, certain golfers get a higher ball speed with a fairway wood than with a hybrid. 


In addition, some players struggle with ball speed in their long irons, and they do better with a hybrid. 


By looking at the ball speed, launch, and spin rate of the clubs you hit at your True Spec Golf fitting, you can learn quite a bit about which ones are best for your game. 



The launch is the second factor that the True Spec Master Fitting professional will use to help you determine your ideal set makeup. So many amateur golfers think they are hitting their long irons well, but when they look at the total launch, the ball is just not flying high enough. 


This lack of launch can create inconsistency, and it will also cause a lack of total distance. Some players have a swing that does better with a more descending blow, and others swing more up on the ball. 


Clubs like 7 woods or driving irons and lower lofted hybrids can all help tie a golf club set together and help players get the total distances and accuracy they need on the course. 


Spin Rate 

The third factor is spin rate. Each club in the bag has an ideal spin rate based on your swing speed and preferences. Many times players will find that there is an extreme outlier when it comes to spin rate, and these clubs need to be adjusted accordingly. 


A spin rate can be impacted by the shaft in the club as well as the club head, but quite a bit of it comes down to swing mechanics and the way you approach the golf ball. High levels of spin in short irons can be positive, but in the long game, it’s best to keep the spin rates down. 




For the first time in the history of the game, we have the tools necessary to determine the ideal set makeup. This set makeup changes from one player to another, and the launch monitor can tell us these things with certainty. Taking the information from the launch monitor and combining it with the personalized knowledge of a True Spec Master Fitting professional makes for a pretty incredible combination. Take advantage of this when you schedule your next True Spec golf fitting. 




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