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How Much Distance Does Club Fitting Add?

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One of the main reasons that golfers come in for a True Spec golf fitting is to help gain distance. Extra distance from the tee can make iron shots considerably easier and increase your greens in regulation percentages. However, distance is also important on fairway wood shots, hybrids, and irons. Although we all know that feel, precision, and workability are really important club fitting factors, there is no denying that distance matters. Let’s look at how much distance a club fitting could add and how it can do this. 


How much distance can club fitting add? 

Depending on how long it has been since you upgraded your golf clubs, you can see distance gains up to 15 to 20 yards. Most players that have never been custom fitted will see distance gains in the 8 to 15 yard range. However, it is possible to see more. 


In addition, golfers that are fitted for golf clubs every few years and still have relatively new equipment may only gain a few yards, but they sometimes increase precision and feel, making it well worth the fitting. 


For too many years, golfers accepted equipment off the shelf, not realizing the performance and functionality that they were leaving on the table by ignoring custom options. 


How does club fitting add distance for golfers? 

Many golfers are skeptical about how club fittings can increase distance by this much. Here are a few factors that play into it and why we see such big distance gains from a club fitting. 


Shaft Options

The golf shaft is sometimes the most important part of the golf club when it comes to club fitting. The shaft can impact the ball flight, roll, total distance, carry, and more. Shaft flex can be adjusted as well as length and overall feel to encourage better performance for players. 


New Technology 

Some distance gains are related to the technology being newer. Players find that when they switch to new technology, the ball goes further. If it’s been more than five years since you last updated, expect the new technology to help you gain more distance. 



Some golfers play with clubs that are not the right weight for them. This ends up creating some issues with swing speed and ball speed and causing shots to not go as far as they should. Dialing in the proper weight can only help you gain distance.  


Lie Angle Adjustments 

Lie angle is an important consideration because it will ensure you hit the ball in the center of the clubface. With the proper lie, angle expects more consistency in your golf shots and potentially more distance. 



Golf club fittings aren’t magic; however, when they are done with the right technology and a master fitting professional, the chance of seeing more distance in your game is quite high. Bring in your current equipment when you go for a golf fitting; this way, you can see exactly what distance gains you will be getting and whether or not purchasing new clubs is worth it. 


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