What Is A Professional Club Fitting?

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If you are a serious golfer, you have likely had a club fitting. With the technology available to golfers at this stage in the game, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of a professional club fitting. However, many golfers are curious about these professional club fittings. Are they the same as when you demo a golf club? Is a professional fitting going to be worth the money spent? Let’s take a look at what a professional golf club fitting is, whether or not it’s worth it and what makes it professional. 

Professional Golf Club Fitting


The professional golf club fitting is completed by a club fitting professional using the highest quality launch monitor and game analysis equipment on the market. The professional club fitting will typically focus on all or one part of the golf bag and allow golfers a much more in-depth look to their performance and where it may be lacking. 


Club fitting professionals do more than measure your height and arm length for your new clubs. They have an in-depth understanding of the latest shafts and club heads on the market. They can help improve your abilities without changing your swing and simply by matching you to the right equipment. 


How much does a professional club fitting cost?

Professional club fittings will typically cost anywhere from $80 to $350. The price range will vary depending on where you are going for a fitting and what you are looking for. At True Spec Golf, you will have the option to choose the type of fitting you would like, which will impact the costs. 


Fitting for a driver or a wedge will be less expensive than an entire bag golf club fitting. Many times there are discounts for your fitting if clubs are purchased through the fitting location. 


How much does a full bag fitting cost?

A full bag fitting is typically between $300 and $400. The full bag fitting will allow an in-depth analysis of every single club in your bag. These fittings take several hours and quite a bit of work from the club fitting professional. Those that have done full bag fittings will tell you that they would have never been able to put their set of clubs together without the help of a club fitting professional. 


Is a professional club fitting worth it?

Sometimes golfers struggle with the idea of paying a few hundred dollars for new clubs before they even purchase the new clubs. This is understandable. However, when you go for a professional golf club fitting, you will have complete confidence that the set of clubs you are purchasing will be a good fit for your game for many years to come. 


What good is it to spend $1200 on a set of clubs that lasts you one season? With a professional club fitting, you can spend $1500 and end up with a set that will last for seven years. The value the professional club fitting provides makes it well worth the price. 



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