Cobra King Irons

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The Cobra King irons have just been added to the True Spec fitting matrix. With other releases from Cobra taking care of the mid to high handicappers, the Cobra King will handle the lower handicappers up to the mid handicappers. We tested the new 2023 Cobra King irons in our studio as soon as they arrived. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from this lineup of clubs so that you can get your True Spec golf fitting scheduled today. 


The Cobra King Iron Line Features and Benefits


The Cobra King irons undergo a new five step forging process to give them a better feel than ever before. Each of the irons is made with 1025 carbon steel, and they feature a TPU insert to help cut down on vibration through impact. One of the main goals that Cobra had when creating this set was to help players that needed a combo or, as they like to call it, “flow set.” Each of the irons in the Cobra King line can be paired with the others to create a customized set of irons. 

Cobra King MB


The Cobra King MB iron is the first in the series and has more of a blade style design. With the Cobra King MB, you benefit from that five-step forging process and a very pure feel. This is a clean-looking iron with a thin top line. When the ball comes off the face, it feels soft and pure. 


However, Cobra has impressively also incorporated a high ball speed into this iron, and the ball flight is average to slightly high for a blade. For a great ball striker, this iron is a great choice throughout the set. The Cobra King MB can also be a good fit for the short irons in a flow set. 


Cobra King CB

The Cobra King CB has more forgiveness than the MB, but it does have a similar look at the address. The top of the club head is slightly thicker, but it’s not thick enough to be looked at as a negative. 


With the King CB irons, the feel is just as good as the MB because of the process the irons go through when they are manufactured. The loft configuration of the CB irons is the same as the MB. It’s a very straight golf club, even when you miss the center a bit. 


Cobra King Tour 

The third iron in the series is the Cobra King Tour. This is meant to be the most forgiving and will help the mid handicap players the most. However, the technology, feel, and overall impressive performance here is certainly good enough for professionals. Rickie Fowler is currently playing with these irons. 


The Cobra King Tour has a top line that is a little thicker and a bit of offset in the club head. It’s a more confidence-inducing look but still something that appeals to the better golfer. 


Final Thoughts


The Cobra King irons are in all True Spec locations. Our premier golf fitting is a brand-agnostic experience. However, if you are interested in trying the Cobra irons specifically, or want to see what a potential flow set would look like, simply let your master fitting professional know. 

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