TaylorMade Spider GTX and Spider GT Max

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When the new 2023 products hit the market, it’s easy to be enamored by the new driver and iron options. However, we can’t forget the most important club in our bag, the putter. The new TaylorMade Spider GTX and Spider GT Max have hit the True Spec locations with a putter fitting studio, and we are excited to share these with our customers. The TaylorMade Spider line has grown considerably through the years. For those looking for more stability and better consistency, the GTX and GT Max could be a great solution. 


TaylorMade Spider GT Max Features and Benefits

The TaylorMade GT Max is the most adjustable golf putter that TaylorMade has produced. We have seen some adjustability in putters before, but this club takes things to the next level. 


Adjustable Positions 

There are three positions that you can adjust the Spider GT Max to; TaylorMade calls them Position 1, 2, and 3. These positions are achieved by moving the two 40g sliding tungsten weights. The center of gravity, toe hang, and face rotation is then impacted. 


Precision Weighting For More Stability 

TaylorMade Spider putters are always great at improving stability. However, the new precision weighting system reduces twisting at impact and provides more consistency in total results. The putter is made with 6061 aluminum and a hollowed-out core. 


True Path Alignment 

It seems as though True Path technology is here to stay. If you are a golfer that struggles with visualization or wants to ensure a more consistent roll, the combination of True Path and PureRoll technology is a tremendous benefit. 


TaylorMade Spider GTX Features and Benefits 

The TaylorMade Spider GTX is a modern-looking putter, available in many different colors with a high MOI design. 

High MOI Construction 

Although the Spider GTX has some of the looks of a classic Spider putter, there is a more rounded and modern look to the club head. The sharp angles come together with the rounded edges to produce a highly forgiving and stable clubhead for golfers of all ability levels. 


Deep Center of Gravity 

Just as you will find in iron shots, the center of gravity is important for putter performance. A lower and deeper center of gravity helps to make the putter more stable at impact. TaylorMade also incorporated the heavy stainless steel back bar to help reduce twisting at impact. 

PureRoll 2 Insert

The new PureRoll 2 insert is made with a combination of black TPU urethane and silver aluminum beams. The insert is placed at a downward 45-degree angle. With this insert positioning, players can expect much more topspin in their putts and a smoother roll. 


Color Options 

Putter customization is becoming more popular; the Spider GTX series has options for white, silver, red, ice blue, and even pink. Regardless of your style, TaylorMade has you covered on the putting greens. 


Schedule your True Spec putter fitting today so that you can test out the new TaylorMade Spider GTX and GT Max to find out which one is the best fit for your game. 




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