How Much To Expect To Pay For A Custom Golf Fitting?

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Golf club fittings are becoming a necessary part of being a great golfer. On the golf course, our only tools are the equipment in our bag. If the equipment does not match our body or our swings, there is almost no point in trying to shoot lower scores. Golf club fittings come at a cost, and some factors influence that cost. Let’s take a look at how much to expect to pay for a custom golf fitting. 


How Much Is A Custom Golf Fitting? 


Custom golf club fittings will range from around $100 to over $500. Several factors play into the cost of the fitting, ranging from location to the launch monitor used to the training of the club fitting professional.


Factors That Influence Golf Club Fitting Cost 

Just as you shop for golf equipment, you may also find yourself shopping for golf club fittings. Here are a few things that will impact the cost. 


Fitting Facility 

The location of the fitting and the way that the fitting center is built will change the total cost of the fitting. A clean and well-designed fitting facility offers a better experience and, therefore, will have slightly higher costs. 



Technology refers mostly to the launch monitor that tracks your golf swing and picks up on data. Premium golf launch monitors can pick up on slight differences between the two clubs you are trying. 


They can then take that information and turn it into something incredibly beneficial for your game. 


Fitting Professionals 

Fitting professionals must be trained in what type of equipment is available on the market and how this equipment can help golfers, and they have to have a great understanding of the golf swing. 


In the industry, there are both good and bad golf-fitting professionals. Choosing a facility like True Spec golf, where you get a master fitting professional who is highly trained in all things golf, can pay off in the end.


Equipment Access 

Although you may assume that all fitting facilities have all the new equipment, they don’t. Choose a facility that has a large fitting matrix. 


Type of Fitting 

Finally, the type of fitting you choose will impact the price the most. A shaft-only fitting may be closer to $125, whereas a full bag will be $400 or more. Not all golfers are ready to replace all clubs in their bag. Splitting up these fittings between seasons can be a great way to save money and ensure your golf ball always has a little bit of new technology. 


Final Thoughts 

Many golfers are tempted to take the cheapest fitting they can find or choose a fitting professional that refunds all fitting costs. The problem with this is that you are then setting yourself up for a sales presentation. Golf club fitting is more than just buying new clubs, it’s a learning experience to understand the ins and outs of your golf game. At the end of a great club fitting, expect to know more about golf and have more confidence in the clubs you are using in your golf game. 



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