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5 Common Misconceptions About Golf Club Fitting

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Golf club fitting has become a norm for many golfers. However, some players still let common misconceptions about golf club fitting keep them away. We wanted to address a few of these and help you understand if golf club fitting is for you. Here are five common misconceptions about golf club fitting. 


Golf Club Fitting Is For Advanced Players 

The process of getting fitted for golf clubs is something that beginners to professionals can benefit from. Advanced players may understand their golf game more and be able to absorb information about advanced stats, so their club fitting will be tailored to their needs. 


At True Spec, our Master Fitting Professional will explain any concepts you don’t understand. The golf club fitting will leave you feeling more knowledgeable and better prepared, regardless of your golf handicap. 


Fittings Are Conducted When You Need New Golf Clubs 

Golf club fittings can be done to make tweaks to your current equipment. For instance, at True Spec, we offer a gap analysis fitting, or a shaft-only fitting, where you may just decide to make small changes to the clubs you have in your bag. 

In addition, a golf club fitting can teach you that you don’t need new golf clubs after all!


Custom Golf Club Fitting Is Too Expensive 

Custom golf club fitting can actually save you a lot of money. What happens if you spend $1500 on new clubs that do not work for your game? You will end up buying another set within a few months. Golf club fitting can include paying an extra $100 to $350 but ensure you keep your clubs in play (and play your best golf!) for years to come. 


Fittings Are Only Necessary For Drivers and Irons 

Drivers and irons are the clubs that golfers like to upgrade the most, but they are not the only golf clubs in the bag! Wedge and putter fittings are incredibly important when trying to work on your scoring capabilities. 

For golfers that want a golf bag full of gear they can trust, fittings for hybrids and fairway woods are also important. 


Club Fitting Is A One Time Deal 

Club fitting is not a one-time deal. In fact, most smart golfers will schedule a fitting at least once yearly to ensure they are playing with the right gear. Let’s face it; avid golfers spend a lot of time on the course; with the right equipment in hand, you can make the most of your time out on the course. 


Final Thoughts 

Golf club fittings can be misunderstood as they have changed quite a bit over the last few years. At True Spec, our golf club fittings offer more than 50,000 clubhead and shaft combinations, and every fitting experience is conducted by a master fitting professional. Whether 2023 is your first year playing golf or you have been playing your entire life, do yourself a favor and put the right equipment in your hands. 


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