Benefits of Ongoing Club Fitting As Your Game Evolves

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One of the most common misconceptions about golf club fitting is that you only need one fitting in your golf career. This is not the case, golf club fitting is a process that evolves as your game evolves. Golfers who are only signing up for a single club fitting when they need new clubs are missing some of the most important benefits of the process. 


When Your Game Changes – Your Clubs Should Change Too 

Has your golf game remained the same over the last few years? For most people, the answer is no. Big changes happen in body strength, swing plane, and path, and your equipment needs to reflect these changes. 


What is the point of putting all that time in on the range if your equipment is not a match to help you hit longer, straighter shots? 


Consistency That Lasts

Now that your golf game has reached the next level, wouldn’t you like to stay there for a while? Playing with the correct golf clubs can help you stay more consistent and to keep your handicaps more stable. 


When playing with incorrect equipment, you may make swing compensations that bring you right back to where you started. 


Increase Your Confidence

Improving confidence in your golf swing will help you improve your shots on the course. There is something quite powerful in knowing that your club is the perfect fit for your golf game. 


Remember, you do not need to upgrade your entire golf bag all at once; in fact, doing it in pieces can give you a little extra confidence in all areas of your game. 


Save Money 

Golf club fitting is an expense. However, when you talk to golfers that have recently purchased clubs that are not a fit for their game, they will tell you that you can save money by buying golf clubs built specifically for you. 


Custom golf clubs will spend many more years in your bag than non-custom clubs. Buying higher-quality clubs that match your game is a smart investment. 


Stagger Your Upgrades 

We are often asked whether or not it is smart to upgrade all of your equipment at once or to stagger your upgrades. Staggering has been very effective for players. Not only does it help to keep overall costs down, but you will always have some new equipment in your bag. 


Many players will update their wedges one year and work on their irons the next. You may replace all your woods, and the next season replace the putter. True Spec Master fitting professionals can give you insight into what needs to be upgraded first in your golf bag. 


Final Thoughts 

At True Spec, we know your game is constantly changing. This is why we offer flexible appointments, more than 50,000 clubhead and shaft combinations, and premium data and stats. Schedule an appointment for a club fitting today if you think your game has evolved from the last time you were fitted. 



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