Proper Golf Club Fitting (Is It All Just Clubhead Speed?)

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Some golfers think golf club fitting is about matching their clubhead speed to a shaft. Although speed can play a large factor in a proper golf club fitting, there is much more to this than simply speed. Proper golf club fitting from True Spec considers many factors, and to fully understand the benefits, those factors should be explained properly. 


Factors That Influence A Proper Golf Club Fitting 

Clubhead speed can help put you into the right shaft flex category. With thousands of shafts available and over 50,000 club and shaft combinations in the True Spec matrix, how would you possibly narrow this down to one club based on speed alone? 


Clubhead Speed

Your clubhead or swing speed will play into the golf club you are fitted for. Faster swing speeds need a stiff shaft, while slower swing speeds need a more flexible shaft. 


True Spec master fitters know how to help players that are borderline between a regular and a stiff shaft or a senior and a regular shaft. 


Height and Build 

A golfer’s physical build determines the correct length of the club. However, there is both static and dynamic fitting done by True Spec master fitting professionals.


For instance, a golfer with a slightly shorter height is a very aggressive player and still needs a standard-length club. A simple height measurement would not have determined this. 


Golf Course and Environmental Conditions 

Your golf clubs must be versatile enough to work on various golf courses. However, what is your home course like? Do you have very tight lies and incredibly fast greens? Are the bunkers kind of fluffy, or are they more hardpan? 


Golf course condition knowledge can help with things like bounce angle or grind on wedges, the set makeup, and even the proper launch angle on a golf club. 


Look, Feel, and Player Confidence 


Have you ever held the year’s top driver in your hands and questioned how it made it to the top? 


This is quite common. 


Just because a golf club is highly rated does not mean it will work for your golf game. Seeing a golf club (especially from the top down) can let you know if it has a look that makes you a more confident player. 


The feel is just as important. Although some golfers claim they can’t tell the difference between the feel of two clubs, as your game improves, you certainly will. 


The Bottom Line

With the number of golf shafts and club heads on the market in 2023, choosing the right clubs with a clubhead speed number is impossible. The True Spec fittings use top-of-the-line launch monitor technology. Combining this with the knowledge of a True Spec master fitting professional ensures you walk out with a perfectly curated set of golf clubs. If you are investing money into your game, invest it right. 

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