4 Tips To Choose The Right Golf Club Fitter For Your Game

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Golf club fitting is a skill. Some fitting professionals have quite a bit of skill, and their facility doesn’t help them complete their job. Others are nearly new to club fitting and have a great facility to support them. At True Spec, we pair master-fitting professionals with state-of-the-art fitting studios to give golfers the best experience on the market. Here’s how you can ensure that you are choosing the right golf club fitter for your game. 


Launch Monitors Matter

All True Spec fitting locations are equipped with top-of-the-line launch monitors. These monitors can measure dozens of parameters and help to provide detailed and accurate stats about your game. 


This information alone is important, but having a fitting professional that can dissect this information for you is what matters most. 


Trained and Experience Club Fitting Professionals 

Golf club fitting is a difficult job. Not only do the best club-fitting professional need knowledge of your game but also of the current clubs on the market. After all, the key is connecting these two things to create a set for you. 


True Spec master fitting professionals are experts in the game of golf and in the world of club fitting. In addition, they are great communicators and teachers. Most customers leave their fitting understanding more about their game and the game of golf. 


Golf Club Selection Is Key 

Make sure you understand the size of the fitting matrix at any fitting location you choose. True Spec has a fitting matrix with 50,000 club and shaft combinations. 


Narrowing down this matrix is difficult to do on your own. However, having more than just a few clubs to choose from is essential. 


Golf equipment is constantly changing, and that is why the True Spec matrix is updated nearly every month. Both large and small brands are represented in the matrix, allowing for a unique fitting experience. 


Brand Agnostic Fittings Are More Well Rounded 

Have you been to a demo day where you were able to try a variety of clubs from a single brand? 


These aren’t really club fittings. Testing clubs from a single brand doesn’t compare the different levels of performance and feel that exist across the industry. 


All True Spec club fittings are brand agnostic, meaning we will never push you towards or away from a brand. Instead, you can try a full range of market products to find the perfect match. 


Final Thoughts 

As you can see, a golf club fitting can vary from one fitter to another. However, the most important are the key components of a great launch monitor, trained fitting professionals, a large fitting matrix, and a completely brand-agnostic fitting. Every True Spec location offers this experience for golfers. 

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