How Much Does Brand Matter During Club Fitting?

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Many golfers will choose and stick with a brand for their entire golf career. They get stuck on a brand from their first to their last set of senior clubs. Although that particular brand greatly appreciates your loyalty, have you ever wondered if this is the right decision to be making? Brand plays into club fitting, but the exact way that happens will surprise many people. 


Does Brand Matter During Club Fitting? 

Every True Spec golf fitting is brand agnostic. That means that there will be no pushing toward a specific brand. True Spec was set up this way for a reason, and it’s quite simple to understand. 


If you have ever gone to a demo day promoted by one specific golf brand, you have likely experienced a pretty hard sell on what that brand has to offer. When you are stuck on this one brand, there is not enough comparison and variation in results. 


In other words, you don’t have much to compare to, so how do you know you are swinging the best? 


How Does Brand Play Into Club Fitting? 


To say that brand does not play into club fitting at all would be a mistake because it does. 


There are some brands in the golf industry that invest heavily in improvements and technological advances for their players. These brands may be known for being more forgiving or helping golfers to get more distance. 


When you consider the brand’s individual benefits and what they offer golfers, then brand matters. 


Club fitting is all about finding the right match for a golfers game, and sometimes one brand is a better match than another. 


Why Are All True Spec Club Fittings Brand Agnostic? 


True Spec offers the most premier club fitting experience in the industry. Golfers that meet with a True Spec master fitting professional will quickly learn that they are incredibly knowledgeable about the game. 


Master-fitting professionals would be limited in what they could do for golfers if they were trying to push one brand over another. 


True Spec carries a wide range of brands to stop this from happening, and none of them are pushed at a player. If you want to try a product from a specific brand, you are more than welcome, but the data and your results will determine the best recommendation for your game. 


Final Thoughts 

Brand comes into play during a club fitting, but it should not decide which clubs you go with. 

Even golf professionals have a few different brands in their bag at times. 


Having representation in the golf bag from more than one brand simply means you are grabbing all the best technology for your game and working to take it to another level. Data, product knowledge, and the advice of a master-fitting professional is the proper way to fit for clubs, not simply choosing a brand. 


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