Is A Fairway Wood Fitting Worth It?

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Most golfers have at least one fairway wood in their bag. However, for many players, the total is more like two or even three. The bottom line is that fairway woods are important for your golf set. Some golfers are reluctant to get a fitting for a fairway wood. Here are the reasons why Fairway wood fittings are always worth the money


You Will Keep The Club For A Long Time 

It has been proven that golfers that go for a golf club fitting tend to keep their club for an extended period. This is because a premier club fitting looks at the type of player you are today and where your game is headed over the next several years. 

In addition, you will invest in the latest technology to improve the longevity of the clubs you purchase. 


Scoring Opportunities On The Course Will Improve

Fairway Woods can be a great alternative off the tee box, but they also help you reach a par 5 in two. Getting closer to the green on a par 5 allows you to put a short chip into the hole for an easy birdie. 


With the proper fitting and detailed analysis from a launch monitor, you can track dispersion rates and even accuracy to ensure the right fairway wood is in your bag. 


Additional Distance And Accuracy 

Most golfers that purchase a new fairway wood are looking for distance. However, distance and accuracy are incredibly important if you want to score low. 


Would you rather have a fairway wood that flew 200 yards straight every time or a club that flew 210 all over the place? A golf club fitting allows you to analyze results with the help of an expert and choose the perfect fairway wood. 


Proper Loft Gapping 

Even if a club says it has 17 degrees of loft, do you know if a 19 or a 20-degree club is the next in the bag? A club fitting is a solution to do this properly and create loft gaps that give you the most consistency. 


Fairway Wood vs. Hybrid 

Golfers tend to struggle to decide between a fairway wood and a hybrid. If you are unsure which is best for your swing, a club fitting will narrow your options. Hitting a fairway wood and hybrid side by side is the best way to determine the better fit. 


Schedule A Fairway Wood Fitting Today 

True Spec is the premium golf club fitting location. Whether you are looking for your first fairway wood or are ready to take a shot at professional golf, True Spec has more than 50,000 clubhead and shaft combinations. In addition, the master fitting professionals will ensure you feel confident about hitting your fairway wood down the center. Fairway woods are often overlooked from a club-fitting standpoint, but doing so could cost you many strokes. 


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