Is A Hybrid Fitting Worth It?

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For many golfers, the hybrid becomes a favorite club. After all, what other club can help you get out of the rough, off the tee, and even be a good option for a chip up around the green? Hybrid technology has come a long way. Some options look just like fairway woods, others look a little more like irons. At True Spec, we have over 50,000 club and shaft combinations in our fitting matrix. Let’s take a look at why a hybrid fitting is worth it and the importance of getting fit before purchasing. 


Why Is A Hybrid Fitting Worth It? 

Hybrid golf club fittings are worth it because they ensure that you are playing with technology specifically built for your golf game. Grabbing a hybrid off the shelf may or may not give you the golf course performance that you need. 


Improved Distance 

With new materials and technologies, especially things like Tungsten weighting and adjustability, hybrids can fly further than they could just a few years ago. If you are struggling with total distance or think you have loft gaps in the bag, a club fitting will help. 


Increased Accuracy 

From an accuracy standpoint, a hybrid needs to be a bit more accurate than a fairway wood. The reason behind this? Hybrids are very often used as an approach shot to the green. 


At a custom fitting for your hybrid, you can determine that you have the proper balance between distance and spin rates to ensure accuracy. Going after a pin with your hybrid is something you can do, but you must have the right club in your hand. 


At True Spec, your master fitter will talk you through the pros and cons of each of the clubs you consider purchasing. 


Better Performance From A Variety of Lies 

Hybrids perform really well out of the rough, but you must make sure the club is the proper weight and shaft flex in order for you to keep the clubface stable in the rough. 


At a True Spec golf club fitting, you will hit shots with a launch monitor to determine things like launch angle, smash factor, carry distance, spin rates, and more. All of this can be analyzed and put into a recommendation to make sure you have the best hybrid club in your bag. 


A Look You Don’t Need To Get Used To

Many golfers get a new club and say that they just have to get used to the look. Why do this? When you go for a custom fitting for a hybrid, you can pick something out from the start that looks like it can perform to your needs. 


The look of the hybrid club will give you much more confidence in your ability to pull off the shot when standing over the ball. 


Final Thoughts 

Hybrid fittings are worth it. Not only does the proper loft gapping need to be established, but players must make sure they have the right combination of shaft and club head configurations to suit their needs on the course. Schedule your True Spec hybrid fitting today. 

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