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Is A Putter Fitting Worth It?

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Remember when your putter selection was just mallet or blade? Things have changed, and there are now thousands of putters to choose from. In addition, the putters also have shaft options, as well as length and even lie angles that need to be adjusted. These changes in the world of putting have really turned many golfers onto the idea of putter fitting. If you still have your grandfather’s old blade putter in the bag and think it may be time for an upgrade, here is what you should know about golf club putter fitting. 


The Benefits of A Putter Fitting 

Potentially the most important benefit of a golf putter fitting is improved accuracy and consistency. If you can become consistent on putting green, you can learn to make putts. Here are the reasons that golfers are finding that a putter fitting is well worth their time and money. 


Customization Options You May Not Be Aware Of 

The True Spec golf fitting matrix (which includes putters) has more than 50,000 club and shaft combinations. There is almost no way for an amateur golfer to fully understand all the choices they have for customization in their golf putter. 


That’s what True Spec Master fitting professionals are for. If you are constantly missing putts on the right side of the cup, there could be a slight customization to make to your putter so you can get the ball in the hole. 


Golf technology changes daily, and to stay on top of it, a putter fitting is necessary. 


Confidence On The Putting Green 

If you have tested some of the best putters in the game with the help of a launch monitor and analysis tool specifically built for putting, you can have full confidence that you have chosen the correct golf club. 


Golf club fitting data has greatly improved, and we now know a lot more about what happens at impact when a player hits their putt. 


Whether you need more consistent numbers or simply need to increase forgiveness, there are equipment options to match your skill level. 


Improvement With Speed And Control 

Most golfers agree they would rather be better at speed than aim when it comes to putting. With proper speed, you should end up with a golf ball that is relatively close to the hole. Your putter should be properly fitted to your body and your putting stroke to make distance control easier. 


With increased comfort and confidence in your new putter, three putts should decrease, and hopefully, more one putts will drop. 


Final Thoughts 

Golf putter fittings are worth it. Not only will you have better speed and distance control, but you will know that you are finally playing with the right equipment. Most golfers that come for their first True Spec putter fitting are amazed by how much of a difference the club can make when it comes to getting the ball in the hole. Schedule your True Spec putter fitting today to ensure you are ready for the season.

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