True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid Iron Shaft

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The True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid iron shafts are the newest release to a True Spec location near you. It should come as no surprise to you that True Temper has a large market share when it comes to golf shafts for amateur and professional players. One of the things we love about True Spec is their continued dedication to expanding the product line and accommodating all players. If you have been thinking about new iron shafts, here is what you should know about the True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid. 


Features and Benefits of True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid Iron 


The first thing to clean up here is that even though the new shaft from True Temper is called “mid,” it’s not just for mid irons. This is an iron shaft that can be used throughout the entire set; mid refers to the design of the mid section of the True Temper Dynamic Golf Mid Iron shaft. 


Stiffer Mid Section 

The biggest change you will see with the True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid iron shaft is the stiffer mid section. With the stiff mid section and an active tip section, golfers will get increased launch and spin. 


Having an active tip with a little bit of stiffness in the middle increases the ability to feel the clubhead without losing any speed. 


Options for All Golfers 

At True Spec, we love options. With a clubhead and shaft matrix featuring 50,000 combinations, the new True Spec Dynamic Golf Mid family is a great addition. A lightweight 110g option is available for golfers who enjoy extra speed. 


The standard midweight is 115g, and then the tour weighted options are 130 grams. 


The Dynamic Gold Mid is available in several different flexes, depending on the weight you are looking for. The Tour Issue is a bit more limited because it is offered only in the S400 and the X100 shafts for the fastest-swinging players. 


Performance Offered 

With the new Dynamic Gold Mid design, you can expect medium spin and medium trajectory. The Dynamic Gold Mid is a great option for golfers with a moderate tempo that want extra launch and a bit more control from their iron shots. 


Moderate tempo golfers tend to have average speed in transitioning from backswing to downswing. The new Dynamic Golf Mid allows for that extra stiffness in the middle of the shaft and some increased stability. 


Try The True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid Iron Shafts at True Spec 

With the True Spec Club Conex technology, it is easy to try the True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid in any clubhead you think would fit you. Many golfers that currently play True Temper shafts are coming in to test out the Mid and see what the performance differences are. 


If you are ready for some changes in your game, visit your local True Spec to see what golf shaft and clubhead could be the right fit for you. 

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