Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Blue Shaft

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In an effort to keep the True Spec fitting matrix the most powerful in golf, we are always looking to expand with more shaft options for golfers. The Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Blue Shaft is a new addition to golf, and it actually fills a gap for players that we have seen in fitting sessions. The new Tensei 1K Pro Blue took a lot of inspiration from the CK Blue and AV Blue, but there is plenty of advancement in technology to be seen here. 


Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Blue Shaft (Features and Benefits) 

The most important thing to know about the Tensei 1K Pro Blue is that it is mid-launch and mid-spin. The combinations of technologies used to get this mid-spin mid-launch profile are impressive and provide an improved feel and consistency along the way. 


Premium 1K Carbon Fiber 

The Tensei 1K Pro Blue is created with super premium 1K Carbon Fiber. The carbon fiber technology helps to promote more stability through the impact position. Stability can be felt in the first few swings you take with a shaft, but it’s something you learn to appreciate over time. 


Xlink Tech Resin System 

A strong and stable golf shaft is a great feature, but not when that adds weight or takes away from the feel at impact. With the Tensei 1K, Mitsubishi was able to use the Xlink Tech Resin System to add strength and improve overall feel. 


Firmer Handle Section 

With a slightly firmer handle section in the golf shaft, you will feel like you are in control of what the Tensei 1K Pro Blue does. Firm feeling in the butt section again increased stability and improved feel. 


Another great benefit of this firm feeling is an increase in ball speed. The tip section of the club has a bit more workability and movement, and you can create quite a bit of speed. 


In addition to filling the gap when it comes to spin and ball flight characteristics, The Tensei 1K Pro Blue Shaft is designed specifically to get you more speed. 


Models To Choose From

The Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Blue shaft includes 14 different models ranging from regular flex to TX (extra stiff). In addition, there are a variety of weights available, from 52 to 84 grams. Regardless of your current swing speeds or playing abilities, this is a shaft that will have options for your golf game. 


Try The Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Blue Shaft Today 

With the Club Conex system used at True Spec locations, you can test the Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Blue shaft in any clubhead that you would like. Whether you are looking for a shaft only upgrade or a completely new golf club in your bag, the Tensei 1K Pro Blue just expanded your options considerably. Schedule your True Spec fitting today to try the Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Pro Blue Shaft with premium launch monitor technology to ensure it’s a fit for your game. 

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