Ping Blueprint S and T

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True Spec continues to revolutionize golf fittings, constantly enhancing its matrix with the latest and most innovative clubhead and shaft combinations. In our pursuit of providing golfers with unparalleled options, we’re thrilled to announce the latest additions to our fitting lineup – the Ping Blueprint S and T irons. These irons have already made waves with their tour-proven performance and cutting-edge design.

Ping Blueprint S and T Irons

At True Spec, we understand the frustration of golfers discovering that the clubs they were excited to try are unavailable during a fitting. With the Blueprint S and T irons, this is a concern you won’t encounter. These irons not only offer a sleek and classic Ping look but also deliver exceptional performance that has been proven on the tour.

Blueprint S

The Blueprint S iron introduces a groundbreaking seven-step forging process, creating a pocket in the back of the clubhead. This process not only enhances performance and feel but also allows for weight reduction and the incorporation of vibration-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The result is a forged iron that offers the feel demanded by low-handicap players while providing forgiveness and playability.

Blueprint T

Designed for highly skilled golfers, the Blueprint T is a single-piece marvel made from forged 8620 carbon steel. With a clean appearance at address and precision-milled grooves, the Blueprint T ensures superior control and workability. The shorter heel-face height and narrow soles contribute to a blade that’s pleasing to the eye and responsive to the demands of skilled players.

Technical Insights

Micromax Grooves and Precision Pocket Forging

  • The Blueprint S features Micromax Groove technology for enhanced spin, especially in challenging conditions.
  • Precision Pocket Forging in the Blueprint S’s 3, 4, and 5 irons optimizes weight distribution, improving the moment of inertia (MOI) and center of gravity for better distance and trajectory control.

Increased MOI and Tighter Dispersion (Blueprint S)

  • The Blueprint S iron offers a clean look with increased MOI and tighter dispersion rates, making it forgiving even on off-center hits.

Consistency in Long Irons (Blueprint S)

  • Golfers using the Blueprint S irons will appreciate the emphasis on consistency and proper launch and spin rates, especially in long irons.

Control in Short Irons (Blueprint S)

  • The short irons in the Blueprint S set provide exceptional control, allowing golfers to work the ball and achieve desired spin even in wet conditions.

Precision-Milled Grooves and Short Heel-Face Height (Blueprint T)

  • The Blueprint T features precision-milled grooves for preferred launch and spin, catering to players relying on pinpoint control.
  • A shorter heel-face height in the Blueprint T ensures a clean appearance at address, providing the workability desired by skilled players.

Final Thoughts

Considering the Blueprint S and T irons for your game? The best way to determine their fit is to visit your local True Spec and experience the results on the launch monitor with these exceptional irons in your hands. True Spec’s brand-agnostic fitting ensures that if Ping isn’t the perfect fit for you, there are other options to explore. With plentiful shaft options in both graphite and steel, True Spec offers a comprehensive and personalized fitting experience. Elevate your game with the tour-proven excellence of Ping Blueprint S and T irons, now seamlessly integrated into the True Spec matrix.

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