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What Are Custom Golf Clubs (and Why Do They Matter?)

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If you had the choice to buy a suit off the rack or get one custom-tailored to your exact measurements, you’d probably pick the option that’s designed just for you. The same is true for golf clubs. While buying new equipment from a store can help improve your game, it won’t fit your exact needs the same way custom golf clubs can. Personalized to golfers’ unique specifications, True Spec’s custom fitting maximizes performance on the course.  

But what do golfers need to know about custom golf clubs? And how can they expect their performance to change with custom fit/ custom built clubs in their bag? If you’re considering experiencing a custom club fitting — and there’s almost no reason not to — here’s what you need to know.   

What is custom club fitting? 

Custom golf clubs aren’t just for professional golfers. They’re a good idea for any player looking to improve their performance on the course. Golfers aiming to improve their game can head into any of True Spec’s locations and go through a series of technology-driven tests and simulations that collect and analyze necessary data for determining the ideal equipment each player needs. The information and data collected from a doppler radar system and/or high-speed cameras is used to identify the exact head and shaft combination needed to optimize performance.   

After completing the True Spec fitting process as guided by your professional club fitter,  a recommendation for the clubs best suited to you and your game will be made. True Spec is brand agnostic, carrying top-of-the-line clubs and shafts from all major equipment manufacturers. The advanced fitting matrix stocks more than 30,000 combinations of club heads and shafts to meet golfers’ needs. By employing the revolutionary club adapter system called Club Conex, True Spec can mix and match those components to find clubs that improve distance, consistency, and ball flight.   

What can custom golf clubs do for me?  

Every player, regardless of skill level, can benefit from a custom club fitting. Why? By removing negative variables that can affect your game, such as clubs that are the wrong length, shaft flex, weight, or any multitude of other golf club factors, golfers can focus on improving other aspects of their game, such as their swing or game management. And with custom clubs which are built correctly, players know that what they receive is exactly what they hit in their fitting. 

Because custom golf clubs are designed to fit your swing style and body type perfectly, the benefit of being fit properly should be evident in your game immediately. Custom golf clubs can help remedy a multitude of issues made worse by off-the-rack equipment. Custom club fitting is a short, easy, highly informative and fun process with a major impact. Packed with data-driven insights and expert advice from your fitter, after an hour or two, every custom fit golfer will be on their way to improved ball striking and better scores.  

Looking to take your golf game to the next level? Find the True Spec location nearest you and discover the clubs you need to improve your on-course performance.  

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