What Is Unique About True Spec Golf?

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Founded in 2014, True Spec Golf takes club fitting far beyond the standard golf retail store, offering a fully dedicated fitting studio that pairs any golfer with an expert fitter, state-of-the-art technology and assessment tools and a meticulous attention to detail when building each club to the exact measurements determined in the fitting session.

At True Spec, fittings always begin with getting to know the player, allowing the fitter to build a profile around their strengths, weaknesses, and session objectives. Understanding that each player brings different skill sets, preferences, and goals for how they would like to perform on the course is key to fitting each player into the perfect set for their game.

Each fitter is adept at making each player comfortable during their fitting which allows each golfer to relax and get the most out of their session. There are even a few, although rare, cases in which a fitter deems that a golfer’s current set already fits them perfectly, in which case it is expressed to the golfer not to make any equipment changes. The player is satisfied with a renewed sense of confidence in the set he or she is already playing, and the fitter upholds True Spec’s guarantee for satisfaction.

Next Level Technology

All golfers know that on every course, there are variables that cannot be controlled. At True Spec, fitters employ best-in-class technology to account for every variable. Technology driven  services at True Spec test for loft and lie anomalies, swing weight, shaft frequency and more, analyzing a golfer’s current set for flaws and deficiencies. These include TrackMan, a doppler radar-based system, and Foresight Quads, a stereoscopic camera based systems. More than just a dedication to constant improvement, True Spec stands out for offering a multi-faceted approach to gameplay analysis and fitting, implementing an array of tests to build out a comprehensive blueprint of each golfer’s play and the best clubs to fit it.

With fitters and tech at the top of the industry, True Spec Golf outshines any competition with an enthusiasm and devotion to provide the best for all clients.

Brand Agnostic

The True Spec fitting process narrows down a golfer’s needs to a very specific club design. Going one step further, True Spec Golf maps this custom club blueprint against more than 30,000 combinations of shafts and heads, sourcing from more than 30 of the industry’s top brands and manufacturers. While many fitters are brand affiliated, True Spec’s brand agnostic approach aims to eliminate any trend-based bias that might reflect the partnerships of the pros or the best advertising real estate on golf sites or blogs.

By upholding a dedication to golfer over brand, True Spec is able to offer the very best to its clients without considering brand affiliations or industry trends. Golfers are able to try out what really works best for them, and True Spec can guarantee 100% satisfaction with improved gameplay and a premium set of clubs.

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