The Gift of Club Fitting for the Holidays

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With the holidays just around the corner, have you decided on the perfect present for the golf addict in your life? Consider a gift that will be enjoyed far into future Christmas seasons. With custom club fitting through True Spec, you can give your friends and family the opportunity to play their best making the game they love more enjoyable.

Still working through other holiday gift ideas? Look no further than True Spec. Here are three reasons why the gift of a custom club fitting is guaranteed to be a hit this holiday season.

For every golf lover

Be it the novice who’s just starting out or the pro with decades dedicated to the game, a custom club fitting can match players of all experience levels with the equipment they need to help them excel. For amateur players, custom clubs can many times make a transformative difference in the enjoyment of the game and the success on the course.

While, for more advanced golfers, custom fit clubs can be the difference between winning a tournament and finishing 2nd place. No matter how many years your golf fan has under his or her belt, a custom club fitting can make a noticeable and immediate impact on their ability to shoot lower scores.

Happiness guaranteed

Few gifts can offer the same level of personalization (with as big a payoff) as a custom club fitting. In fact, True Spec offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your golfer will be happy and fully satisfied with their fitting experience and the performance of their new clubs.

To meet this high standard, True Spec employs top of the line technology and professional fitters that, combined, leave little room for error. Add that to world class brands and a detailed build process, from start to finish, a custom club fitting through True Spec is a first class experience which results in hand-made, custom clubs no one will want to return.


Custom club fitting offers golfers flexibility in both geography and pricing, so don’t let that hold you back from including it among your holiday gift ideas. True Spec operates mobile fitting teams as well as more than a dozen permanent locations across North America and Europe, meaning custom fittings are largely accessible to golfers worldwide.

If you’re not sure how much you want to spend, rest assured that custom club fitting through True Spec offers a range of pricing based on your budget. Their fitting services menu gives options from $100 up to $450 depending on the type of service selected..

Find the closest True Spec location to you and discover the equipment that will help play your best!

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