What to Bring to A Golf Club Fitting

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At True Spec Golf, fittings can last one hour for one club or up to three hours for a full set of clubs. Your experienced fitter will guide you through a series of swings to measure the shortcomings of your current set of clubs and determine what changes should be made for your new set of clubs. This is done using state of the art in-house technology. This fitting process is done through trials, making subtle tweaks to the clubs to see which combination can unlock your best performance. 

Because the first step of the fitting process is to establish a baseline from your current performance level, make sure to bring the following:

  • Your current club or set of clubs
  • Your typical outfit and shoes – Dress as if you’re about to play a few rounds! 
  • Your completed pre-fitting survey for the fitting’s informational interview

Pre-Fitting Survey

Before each fitting, we ask players to complete a pre-fitting survey. This will guide the informational interview at the beginning of the fitting. The survey asks you to examine your current game and your future performance goals, as these will guide the fitting process. The pre-fitting survey will be emailed to you the day before your scheduled appointment. Complete this survey before your scheduled fitting, and bring it with you.

In addition to completing the survey, we also ask players to familiarize themselves with the main fitting terms that we use. There won’t be a ‘quiz,’ but it helps us to get on the same page as we discuss your clubs’ performance and what has room for improvement. So, bring your developed knowledge on these terms, too! 

Assessing Your Current Clubs 

Some players wonder why it’s important to bring their current set of clubs. Our fitters utilize the following technology to assess the performance of the current clubs. Then, this data is compared with different club variations to measure improvement as we find the right clubs for your swing and your goals. 

The state-of-the-art technology we have in-house are as follows. Check your location to determine which technology your nearest studio has.

  • Trackman measures the impact of your swing on the ball. Providing 21 specific measurements, Trackman helps us to track changes to the ball’s flight in real time.
  • GC Quad is the world’s first quadroscopic launch monitor, which can detect any changes in the rotation and angle of a club’s swing. 

Used in tandem, your fitter will be able to track even the most subtle shifts in your swing’s rotation, angle, and impact on the ball as you try different clubs. This will assist in the fitter’s final recommendation. 

For any further questions about how to prepare for your fitting, please contact your location of choice.

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