True Spec Golf Fitter Facts: Dispersion

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When you head to your True Spec golf fitting, you will learn a few things about your golf game. Chances are you will hear some new terminology that you have not yet heard, and the True Spec fitter will help you understand how these things impact your game. One of the major factors that both players and fitters want to work on is dispersion. If you have heard the term dispersion and want to understand how a True Spec golf fitting will help you get some better dispersion rates, we have all the answers you need. 

What Is Dispersion In Golf? 

The easiest way to think about and understand dispersion is to think about a large target or bullseye out in the middle of the fairway. Let’s say you are hitting golf shots with your driver, and all the shots you are hitting are landing within this ten-yard target or circle in the fairway. Some may be a few yards long, others a few yards short, but they all land on the target. 


Now let’s say another golfer lines up to try this same test, and they hit one thirty yards left, the next thirty yards right, the next fifteen yards short, and the last one was hit perfectly but goes twenty yards further than all the others. This golfer has an issue with dispersion. 


The golfer with more dispersion in their golf shots will have difficulty controlling their scoring. On a hole where the shot flies as it should, the player may make a birdie; on the hole where the shot does not, it could quickly turn into a double bogey. 


As you can see, getting the proper shot dispersion for a golfer is very important. 

How Does Club Fitting Impact Dispersion? 

Dispersion is usually affected by club face angle and club path at impact. The more consistent a golfer can get these two numbers, the easier time they will have to keep the golf shots in control. 


True Spec master fitters will want to try and get the clubface angle and club path as closely matched as possible using the proper combination of club and shaft. In addition, a True Spec fitter knows the golf swing quite well and can give tips about issues affecting your golf dispersion rates. 

Can I Improve My Dispersion Without Getting New Clubs? 

Many golfers think that dispersion issues are related to their golf clubs only. However, most True Spec fitters will tell you that the swing impacts the dispersion rates as much as the club. Sometimes going to a club fitting will teach you what you need to work on in your game. 


You will not always be told that you need a new set of golf clubs; sometimes, you must understand how a different swing path or angle impacts your swing. 


With the combination of the True Spec fitter’s knowledge and the launch monitor’s information, your next True Spec fitting could significantly impact your dispersion rates. 


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