Club Fitting For the Left Handed Golfer

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Left-handed golfers have certain issues they have to deal with in the game of golf. Whether it be a golf course set up differently or lack of equipment to use, golfing as a lefty is a bit more of a challenge. Luckily, club fitting for the left handed golfer has gotten considerably easier in the last few years. At True Spec Golf, we have a full range of left handed equipment available for all lefty players to try. Let’s look at a few things a left handed golfer should look for when choosing a club fitting location. 


Left Handed Club Fitting: Everything To Know

Left handed golfers need to be particular about where they go for a club fitting. Simply heading to the golf shop around the corner can leave you with very few options for equipment. Here are a few of the things that left handed players need to keep in mind when going for a club fitting. 

Club Fitting Professional

When investing in a golf club fitting, it is essential to find out the credentials of the club fitter. Anyone that loves golf can read a number off of the launch monitor, but it’s an entirely different skill to combine these numbers with the current equipment on the market to make recommendations. 


The master fitting professionals at True Spec have spent years in training and fully understand all of the product offerings. It’s true that some brands don’t make certain clubheads in a left handed style, and your True Spec master fitting professional can keep you informed about what you will need to know. 

Access To Equipment

With Club Conex technology, True Spec professionals can combine different shafts with club heads to create custom and unique options for left handed players to try. If you have ever gone to a club fitting and been told that they only have two or three left handed clubs to choose from, chances are you have not been to True Spec. 


The full range of equipment options allows True Spec professionals to get you fitted with the exact clubs you need. 

Launch Monitor Quality 

The better the launch monitor, the greater the chances that your fitting will be accurate and effective. True Spec fitting locations across the country used the industry’s first quadrascopic launch monitor, giving incredibly accurate results for left handed players. 


The high quality launch monitor will give you complete confidence that the clubs you are going to invest in truly have the best characteristics for your needs as a player. 


Hopefully, you now feel as though you understand what goes into a club fitting for left handed golfers. If you choose the proper location, there should be no issues with the availability of equipment and the ability to help golfers of all levels. Whether this is the first club fitting you are going to or you simply need a new set of clubs in 2022, find your nearest True Spec location. 


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