Is An Iron Fitting Worth It?

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With 14 clubs in the bag, the greatest percentage are irons. Golf irons are used throughout the course, from the tee, the fairway, and even around the greens at times. Finding a set of irons that is a good fit for your golf game can be tough. The concept of grabbing a set off the shelf went away years ago. However, some golfers are still struggling to see the benefits of a golf iron fitting and whether or not it is worth it. Here are six reasons why iron fittings are worth it. 


Extra Distance

Do you really feel like you are taking advantage of all the distance technology that could be available to you? If you haven’t been fitted for irons in the last few years, chances are you are not

Golf iron technology has changed considerably, especially when it comes to lofts. 

The iron lofts are getting lower, but spin rates are improving, and launch is even increasing. Playing with traditionally lofted irons could be costing you ten or more yards on each iron shot. 


Increased Accuracy 

The accuracy of your golf irons is incredibly important. As you know, most greens don’t leave much room for error. To play great golf, you want the lowest dispersion rates possible, and an iron fitting, especially from a premier fitter like True Spec, can ensure that you hit straighter and more consistent golf shots. 


If you are tired of missing on the fringe, or in the bunker, or short or long of the green, let an iron fitting help you. 


Shaping Shots 

Some of what it takes to shape golf shots comes down to the person swinging the club, but the club that is in your hands will also play a large impact. If you want to be able to hit a draw or a fade, a golf club iron fitting can ensure that is possible. 


Custom Fitted To your Needs

Not only do all golfers have different physical characteristics, but they also have different golf swings. The combination of the tool makes it very important to have things like weight and flex match up with your abilities. In addition, golf club length and lie angles will also be adjusted. 


Enhanced Feel 

The feel of a golf iron is essential when it comes to confidence and workability. Without an iron fitting where you can compare the feel of one iron to another, ensuring that a set you chose off the shelf is the best choice is nearly impossible. 

True Spec master fitting professionals can help you choose a club that has tremendous data results but also the feel you need in your clubs. 


Durability and Longevity 

At True Spec, we hear stories all the time about golfers who have purchased clubs, played with them for one season, and realized they are not the right fit. Don’t let this happen to you. Going for an iron fitting saves you both time and money. Purchase the correct clubs the first time and enjoy what they have to offer your game. 

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