How Long Should A Golf Club Fitting Take?

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Beverly Putter

Golf club fittings are a process. They involve analyzing your current club selection and comparing it to the clubs that you are thinking of purchasing. This process requires you to hit quite a few golf balls, learn about club specifications, and more. However, some golf club fitting companies manage to fit this all into an hour long session; we can tell you this is not enough time. Let’s take a more detailed look into how long a golf club fitting should take and a few basic facts you should know about these fittings. 


How Long Should A Golf Club Fitting Take? 


The golf club fitting can take between one and four hours, depending on which golf clubs you are looking at replacing and which type of fitting you are investing in. Here are some average times you can expect for different golf club fittings. 


Type of Fitting Approximate Time
Full Bag With Putter 4 Hours
Full Bag 3 Hours
Woods 2 Hours
Iron and Wedge 2 Hours
Short Game 2 Hours 
Driver 1 Hour
Fairway and Hybrid 1 Hour
Iron 1 Hour 
Putter 1.5 Hours
Wedge 1 hour
Gap Analysis 1 Hour
Shaft Only 1 Hour


As you can see, the more involved the golf club fitting is, the more time it is going to take to complete. A full bag with a putter is a very involved golf club fitting, and some goflers choose to split this process up. You may do the driver and the woods at one point and then the irons a few months later. There is no right or wrong way to do this; simply find an option that works best for your needs. 


Do I Hit Golf Balls The Entire Time? 


One concern golfers have about club fittings is that they will need to be hitting golf balls the entire time they are participating in their fitting. The good news is this is not the case. During your golf club fitting, you may only hit golf balls for about twenty minutes or thirty minutes, and there will be breaks in between. True Spec Master fitters know how to look for signs of fatigue, and they will ensure you are not getting too tired as you go through your golf fitting process. 


Can You Complete A Full Bag Golf Fitting In One Hour? 


To do a proper full bag golf fitting with a putter, you will need about four hours. To expect this to be completed in an hour means that you will not be properly analyzing all of the information or testing out the proper equipment. If you see a special for a one-hour full bag golf fitting, just know that the information presented to you may or may not be the best out there. 


Bottom Line

A golf club fitting is not a process you will want to rush. Although it’s fine to try and find a new wedge or a hybrid in about one hour of time, a full golf fitting is a long process and should take you quite a bit of time to complete. The True Spec full bag and putter fitting is a 4-hour process, and you will want every minute of it to ensure you get the best golf clubs in the game. 


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