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How True Spec Stays on the Cutting Edge of Custom Club Fitting

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Most golfers know that custom-fit clubs can improve their game. The proof is evident from the first drive to the final putt. But what if golfers could take their game to the next level with golf clubs personalized precisely to their needs? Custom clubs aren’t out of reach for the everyday golfer, or only available to the professionals. In fact, players of all skill levels can improve their game with clubs customized to maximize performance.   

Powered by industry-leading technology, True Spec Golf is every golfer’s answer to a better day on the links. The global leader in custom club fitting, True Spec stays on top of ongoing improvements in golf club technology, as well as state-of-the-art golf swing assessment tools, such as high speed cameras and doppler radar tracking systems. True Spec then puts those diagnostic tools to use, using the feedback from them to recommend cutting edge golf equipment, continuously integrating new technology and analysis to identify club components that make a measurable impact on performance.   

Put it all together, and True Spec golfers benefit from technology focused in three key areas: doppler radar to measure the flight of the ball, high-speed cameras to measure the dynamics of the club at impact, and proprietary golf club hardware that allows for testing any clubhead with any golf shaft.   

Radar to measure speed and direction 

Doppler radar technology and its underlying software are central to optimizing performance for the modern golfer. That’s why this technology is a cornerstone across True Spec locations. To discover their impact, golfers hit shots towards a designated target just as they would outside on the range or course, with the radar system calibrated properly nearby. True Spec utilizes the TrackMan doppler launch monitor system, created back in 2003, which is considered the leader in golf radar technology. Using microwaves to track the movement of the club and ball, the system uses 21 key metrics to identify the real-time impact and flight conditions for every shot that is hit. The radar technology helps identify the best performing equipment for each unique player who walks into a True Spec location 

Cameras to analyze club movement and ball flight 

True Spec also employs the use of Foresight Sports GC Quad launch monitors, the industry’s first quadroscopic launch monitor, to capture four unique sightlines of the impact area during a player’s swing.  The reliable, high-resolution camera system catches even the most subtle changes in a player’s delivery of their club to the ball, capturing ball, club, and environmental data.  These metrics are utilized in the assessment of performance with specific golf products during the fitting process. 

True Spec also employs the utilization of the GEARS Motion Capture systems at select locations.  GEARS is a full swing club and body tracking system, that quantifies the precise movements of the club and body through the swing. The most advanced motion capture technology developed specifically for golf, GEARS’ high speed cameras collect and analyze more than 600 still images per swing to track the fluid motion of the golfer and the swing.   

Hardware to craft your custom club fitting   

To allow for the highest degree of club customization, True Spec uses Club‑Conex club adapter systems. These adapters, approved by the United States Golf Association, allow True Spec to pair any clubhead to any golf shaft during the testing process. The adapters, manufactured in the United States, have 12 unique hosel settings to fit or retrofit golf clubs. This hardware is essential to finding the most perfectly fit club.  

Even after employing advanced technologies such as doppler radar, high-resolution cameras and interchangeable club components, True Spec’s attention to detail in their process continues.  True Spec relies on the SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System to analyze the structures of various golf shafts for the most consistent bending profiles. This technology cuts down the possibility of shaft irregularities. Club heads assembled with a SST PURE® orientation prove to have more consistent results and regulate performance.  

If you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, no one can help you like True Spec can. Find the True Spec location nearest you and discover how custom club fitting can maximize your playing potential.  

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