What Is Custom Club Fitting?

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Even the most elite golfers in the world are perpetually looking for opportunities to improve their games. Without a properly fit set of clubs, a golfer’s swing and mechanical changes may fail to reach the desired outcomes. Playing with misfit equipment can undermine the most talented athletes in the world in all sports, not just golf. More than half of golfers playing today haven’t had a proper club fitting, and, therefore, could be playing to their best physical potential, yet are leaving opportunities to lower their scores on the course due to their equipment.

Like tailored clothing versus something bought of a the rack, a custom fit set of clubs is made to your specifications, designed to play up strengths and compensate for any weaknesses. Built to help you play your best, custom fitting offers golfers improved confidence in their clubs, and no one does it better than True Spec.

Better Than Off-the-Rack

From drivers to putters, it’s important that each club in the bag enhances a player’s skills while compensating for their tendencies. But often times, off-the-rack irons, drivers, and putters require a golfer to adapt his or her swing to adjust for the clubs. Custom fitting works the other way around, identifying a golfer’s swing characteristics to build a perfect set of personalized clubs which maximizes that players performance.

Ill-fitting clubs can negatively affect a player’s mechanics and even cause injury. Some of these issues may not arise until a player hits the back nine as fatigue sets in. Custom fitting corrects these shortcomings in a golfer’s clubs, ensuring a set can support a player’s game through the entire round by matching a player’s physical attributes, swing patterns, and personal style of play. At True Spec, expert fitters rely on years of experience and the best in golf technology to ensure a perfect fit.

The Interview

A Custom Fitting begins with a short question and answer session between the fitter and the golfer. Becoming more familiar with a golfer’s needs, doubts, and hopes for the game, fitters can determine how to best achieve each customer’s objectives. The interview also brings a personal touch to the fitting, allowing the fitter and golfer to develop rapport.

Expert fitters at True Spec have performed custom fittings for golfers of all experience and skill levels, ranging from PGA pros to the most inexperienced beginning golfer.

The Fitting

After the interview process, the fitting begins by analyzing the golfer’s performance with their current set of clubs. For woods, drivers, and irons, a fitter will observe the player with usage of a launch monitor to quantify specific aspects of ball flight or club delivery for further analysis. True Spec ensures that no stone is left unturned, with clients typically hitting over 100 shots during their fitting experience, with a multitude of test clubs assembled from over 50,000 different combinations of clubheads and shafts. Every True Spec fitting employs advanced technology including either a doppler radar-based radar system or an high-speed camera system, both of which measure a multitude of various ball flight and club delivery aspects.

The fitting process is similar for a putter: fitters observe a golfer’s putting performance, paying close attention to the face angles and ball roll characteristics of each putt. Taking this one step further, most True Spec studios utilize the industry’s first quadroscopic launch monitor, Foresight GCQuad, to track the ball and putter during impact. This high-tech analysis allows True Spec fitters to fine-tune your putting game.

Finding the Perfect Clubs

The final product of a custom fitting is a blueprint that maps out a golfer’s specifications. Outlining optimal performance and play conditions, this blueprint helps fitters pair golfers with clubs that will carry them to their best game yet.

At True Spec, fitters apply this blueprint to the brand’s fitting matrix of more than 50,000 combinations of clubs and shafts. Sourcing more than 30 club manufacturers, True Spec’s brand agnostic matrix ensures that each golfer find the fit, not just the brand, that’s right for his or her game.

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