5 Ways Custom Club Fitting Can Elevate Your Golf Game

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You’ve practiced your swing countless times, but you’re still not seeing the improvement you’re hoping for. It could be your swing, but it could also be your equipment. Luckily, there’s a straightforward fix for players looking to solve for problems with their equipment performance so they can optimize their potential. Custom club fitting is a good idea for any golfer looking to maximize their skills with equipment that’s built to help them succeed, and not undermine their talent and practice.

Club fitting is a great potential solution for golfers looking to discover inefficiencies in their game and remedy avoidable errors by using the equipment that’s right for them. Here are five ways custom club fitting with True Spec can help golfers take their game to the next level.

More efficient strikes  

Golfers who find themselves hitting off-center time and again should be mindful that their swing might not be the only issue. Instead, they could be using a club with the incorrect weight or shaft length for their particular strength, tempo, or swing mechanics. True Spec uses top of the line technology that measures every aspect of the way a player delivers the club to the ball at impact. This approach contributes greatly to ensuring that whatever clubhead speed a player has, they are getting the most distance potential from it..

More consistent impact

A major upside of custom club fitting is that it can help golfers find equipment tailored to the way they tend to impact the ball, whether that be a tendency related to the angle of the clubface, the path of the clubhead or the location where the ball is being struck on the face of the club. If you find yourself continually miss the sweet spot, your club’s face angle may be to blame. Fitting a club with the correct face angle for your swing can help curtail any tendencies to slice or hook. Using a club face that better suits your swing can correct unintended errors on impact by better orienting you towards your target every time you hit, creating a consistency that may result in better scores.

Correct misdirection

Custom club fitting also can correct lie angle, ensuring that balls don’t veer from their intended path when hit. A lie angle oriented to match your strike ensures that the entire bottom of the club is flush with the ground on each swing, thus greatly assisting consistency and direction.  A club that is delivered with the toe of the club lower than, or the heel of the club lower than the opposite side of the club, will result in shots that fly off target. Interestingly, most golfers play clubs that are too flat, or too upright for their swing.

Maximize distance

Using custom fitted clubs on the course can immediately add distance to your shots. How? True Spec collects data on how a player drives a ball, including information on speed, strength, and angle, to inform the correct loft for a player’s needs. A custom club loft determined from studying how you tend to impact the ball can help you drive the ball with an optimized launch angle, yielding the best possible distance for your swing speed.

If you’re looking to see instant improvement in your game, custom fitting at True Spec is the solution for you. Find the True Spec location nearest you and discover how custom club fitting can maximize your playing potential.

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