3 Signs You Need a New Putter

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Every golfer knows the cliche’, “Drive for show, but putt for dough”.  If the putter is the most problematic club in the bag, it may not be your putting stroke… It might just be your putter. It may not be the longest hitting club in your bag, but your putter is most important when it comes to putting a score on the scorecard. A well fit putter can help a golfer escape disaster on a hole poorly played, or help convert a birdie putt after a shot that is well struck.

One way to ensure you’re using the best tool for your technique, is to consider having your putter custom fit. Custom club fitting through True Spec a great way to find a putter to help you achieve your best performance on the greens. Not sure if you need a new putter? Here are three telltale signs that it’s time to upgrade with a custom putter.

Inconsistent speed

If you find yourself really struggling to consistently hit putts the distance required, hitting the ball both short and long of your target frequently, one culprit could be the loft or face material of your putter.  Having the incorrect loft on your putter could cause the ball to launch high into the air, causing the ball to bounce instead of roll, OR it could cause the ball to be struck into the ground, also causing it to pop up and bounce, instead of rolling down the intended line.  If a player is using a putter with the incorrect face material, it will cause the ball to impact the face of the putter differently on each stroke, causing problems with controlling the speed from putt to putt.

Custom club fitting through True Spec measures both elements to determine the equipment that will work with you, not against you. Custom putter fitting will find the club best suited to the dynamics of your stroke and how you deliver the putter to the ball, helping give golfers the best chance at controlling their speed.

Off-center shots

Another culprit for not hitting putts the proper distance, could be hitting the ball off of the center of the face, or sweet spot.  If a golfer has difficulty striking the ball on the face of the club in a consistent area, it will cause the ball to leave the face at different speeds.  In this instance, the golfer should look into a head shape and design which maximizes the sweet spot area, and reduces the amount of twist in the putter at impact when not struck in the center.  High MOI putters usually are best for this type of correction.

Miss Tendencies

Do you tend to always miss important putts on one side of the hole or the other?  Do you notice that left-to-right putts are easier than right-to-left ones, or vice-versa?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, selecting a custom fit putter could be the perfect remedy.  In both of these cases, the culprit is the squareness of the face of the putter at impact, or lack thereof. This could be due to an aim issue OR an issue with how the face of the putter squares.  The good news in both instances, is that custom fitting your putter with a focus on design elements such as offset and toe hang can directly affect this. Custom fitting can address these any many other issues related to putting.

If you think you’re using equipment that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential, it’s time to head to True Spec for a custom club fitting. Find the True Spec location closest to you and discover the equipment that is designed to help you succeed.

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