Is A Driver Fitting Worth It?

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A driver is the most expensive club in the bag for most modern golfers. With prices often reaching $600 or more, there is no denying the fact that this is an important club in the golf bag. However, going for a driver fitting is going to add some cost to your total bill. Is that fitting worth it? What are the benefits that you can expect from this driver fitting? 


Benefits of a Driver Fitting 

A custom driver fitting (especially from a premium club fitter like True Spec) is much more than hitting the top drivers on the market. You won’t take the top three best sellers and then just pick which one you like best. 


The driver fitting goes much deeper into fine-tuning your accuracy, distance, and consistency on the golf course. Combining the right shaft and clubhead characteristics is what makes a driver fitting worth it. 


Advanced Metrics 

Regardless of golf handicap, players can head to the range and analyze which driver they hit the furthest. However, the more we study the game, the more important it is to look at things outside of just distance. 


Advanced metrics using the best launch monitors in the game allow for information on swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. 


Combination of Data and Performance 

With portable launch monitor technology available, it seems as though it would be easy to compare drivers without doing a complete fitting. 


However, what helps players really get the right driver in the bag is the combination of this data with the advice of the master fitting professional. You may find that a golf driver feels terrible but has great results; this is not the club for your game. 


Combining the performance with the data takes a professional, and a driver fitting is the only place you can find this. 


Avoid Common Mistakes 

Before you spend $550 on a golf driver that is not custom-built for your needs, you should know some of the mistakes that golfers are making.

Issues like choosing the wrong loft, misjudging the correct shaft, or even improperly analyzing 

the weight distribution can leave you with a driver that is not fit for your golf game. 

The worst part about these mistakes is that they can cost you hundreds of dollars. 


See Beyond Brand 

Just because a new driver is listed as the top choice on every golf website does not necessarily mean it’s correct for you. With a brand-agnostic fitting, like the one you get at True Spec, you can see beyond the brand and, instead, look for the specific solution to your game.


Final Thoughts 

A driver fitting is absolutely worth it and one of the most important fittings that you can sign up for. However, always make sure you are choosing a premier club fitter like True Spec. With the technology, the large club fitting matrix, and the impressive knowledge of professionals, the True Spec fitting is one you can trust. 


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